Vending Mobile App

what is the the Mobile Request Platform

The future of customer service is here.

How Do You Differentiate from Your Competition? Let’s face it...all vending companies claim to provide the best customer service. And most believe that they do. But what if you could prove it with a tool that is unlike anything your competition currently offers? That tool is here...and it’s called the Mobile Request Platform.

What is the Mobile Request Platform

The Mobile Request Platform is a new web-based mobile app that allows your customers to quickly and easily contact you in the event of a service issue. Working in conjunction with a QR code sticker positioned on your machines, the customer can simply scan the code with a smart phone and visit your unique mobile-enhanced website to report the most common service issues. Whether the customer needs to request a refund, report a machine problem, suggest new products for the machines, or simply provide feedback, they can do so in a matter of moments with the Mobile Request Platform.

No more relying on the route driver

When you install a new account you might spend $5000 -$100,000 on equipment then you leave your business in the hands of your route driver. If the account ever has problems you rely on your route drivers to solve all the problems and if they don’t customers run over and complain to the facility manager. The Mobile Request Platform provides a simple and convenient way for customers to contact you without having to make a phone call and you can respond to their needs immediately. The less issues that reach the facility manager, the better.